work more efficiently

COGS for VCOG are plug-ins that support daily operations and various usergroups with Fit-For-Purpose visualization. A COG is blending VCOGs virtual 3D environments with specific workflows, enterprize data and business analytics.

COGS for engineering & construction

Design Review COGS

Pre-define walk-throughs, highlight, isolate and hide or crop the asset to fully support your design review. During reviews, you can create red-line markups, take measurements and add notes within the 3D environment. After the review you can print out minutes of meeting containing all the information directly linked to screenshots. If you keep your findings in a database or spreadsheet you can connect it to the 3D environment and see action status at a glance.


Link schedule, cost and sub-contractor information to the 3D asset environment. See the installation sequence and use the time-slider to see forecasted assemblies. Walk trough your virtual installation for an immidiate overview and see progress on various systems. Share the same picture throughout the whole project organization to avoid confusion.

Material Handling COG

See material handling operations in a detailed engineering design environment. Run quick simulations and detect collisions, check line of sight, crane accessibility and access routes. When the design updates, the app will automatically notify you of any constructional changes that effects your simulations. Define dummy objects, drag and drop them into the scene to represent equipment footprint at an early stage.


See all systems broken down into commissioning packages. You can observe the packages in the as built environment and search & find any tag. By turning on progress modus, you can immediately see status represented by different colors. The time-slider allows you to run through your schedule with full visual support within the 3D environment.

completion COG

Keep track of all the information generated during drilling and lower completion. The COG has a visual representation of any logged condition, barrier, tools and activities. Real- or schematic-scale options provide a full overview of the whole assembly including formations and well conditions as well as detailed views of focus areas

final doc COG<

The COG provides a complete virtual environment of the entire field connected to all underlying documentation. This singular entry point is an intuitive final document package and an intuitive gateway to all documentation. The virtual environment can be populated in parallel with the development of your project and provide a single click access to any tag number, serial number or documents through an intuitive interface. After hand-over, it can be integrated with the enterprise systems and become your lifecycle information hub.

COGs for pre-peradness


The virtual asset environment gives offshore workers an immersive brief of the asset. Anyone can navigate intuitively similar to Google Street view. A search & find feature guides you to the components with help from mini-maps and find the most efficient path with help of an easy-to-use route-planner. With VR headset and 360 treadmills users physically walk real life distances inside the virtual asset environment.


training COG

The virtual environment is the perfect training ground for new personnel, mustering drills, evacuations or just refreshing the peoples memories after time off. The Training COG works hand-in-hand with conventional learning programs. Powerful aids such as street view, search and find, route planner, legends, flexible tree structure and mini-maps enhannce the learning experience. By connecting VR headset and 360 treadmills, the virtual environment is an unprecedented immersive arena, allowing people to physically walk real life distances with the benifit of customized conditions.



This COG provides a 3D dashboard for your entire asset and presents real-time data and enterprise information from disparate sources in one common visual 3D field representation. Push notifications provide alerts about conflicts between work-permits, findings or shut-downs, empowering management with critical knowledge precisely when it's needed most.

Work permit and SIMOPS COG

Instant overview of all work orders, work permits and the category of work that they represent. Push notifications will highlight any simultaneous operations in conflict with the safety restrictions or work orders in proximity of an identified hazard. The COG taps into the planning system and support forecasting. The time-slider provide a time-lap view identifying potential conflicts down the road.

COGs for logistic

Deck Management COG

Simple drag and drop features help you to quickly populate and plan your deck layout. Dummy objects, if needed, represent unspecified equipment, and behavioral conditions can be implemented to automate the layout process. Features such as collision detection, accumulative weight on deck, restrictions for escape ways and indications of maximum lifting height help keeping the overview. The COG consist of equipment library, 2D/3D deck areas and time scheduling/planning tools.

Logistic COG

Get full control of your storage spaces. Prior to ship arrival, Logistic gets an overview of ship cargo, weights, and content. This intuitive app lets logistic drag-and-drop cargo and view different storage scenarios in seconds. As soon as the plan is signed off, crane operators will be provided with a visual guide for the upcoming operation. The COG can access real time data such as wind direction and force indications, wave height and direction.

COGs for safety & emergenzy

mustering COG

In case of mustering, the app display updated status of the number of people registered at different mustering stations. Dependent on the level of tracking information available, the COG can provide real time overview of where each individual person is located. If there are sensor gates along the escape route, you will know exactly where people are, at any time. In case of a crisis, it could be crucial to know if the person is moving or not. The information can be encrypted and only available under certain conditions.


This COG maintain a Common Operational Picture (COP) that is easily accessible to all stakeholders within the asset community. Presenting disparate data sources in a singular display facilitate shared awareness and a holistic overview overcoming silos and lack of situational awareness.


When planning and verifying your barriers it is useful to have a complete overview of all barriers, independent of category. The COG provide a visual representation of physical barriers, mechanical barriers and zones or areas covered by documental restrictions. The overview can be combined with input from reported HMS findings to provide a complete picture.

Findings COG

Visualize incidents and accident inside the virtual environment to get a clear common picture and a better contextual understanding. Use “Walk mode” to check line of sight or dropped object zones. Connect reports, comments and statistics to the asset and use the time slider to see any trend or development based on historical data. Get instant information about location of critical activities, ad hoc solutions and safety equipment.

COGs for Inspection & maintenace

Inspection COG

The Inspection COG integrates with your enterprise systems. The physical location of all tags to are identified in the All-In-One 3D environment. The app will generate guides for optimal routes and identify fire distinctions, first aid, escape routes and mustering locations. In-Field personnel can use tablets with a google street-view support and automatically report their position. A visual overview will indicate any markers as they are scanned.

pipe follower COG

It can be time consuming to find a specific valve in a maze of pipelines. With VCOGs Pipeline Follower COG you can easily follow a specific pipeline through decks and across modules and systems. You do not have to remove isolation to identify the pipeline. The pipeline in focus stands out so you can clearly see, even though the  3D environment is as detailed as the reality. You don't need the ISO drawing anymore, just fill in the valves you want to inspect and the COGwill take you there

integrity COG

Condition based monitoring generate big data. By displaying only the relevant data in the 3D environment, you can see the condition status for the entire field in a second.

Modification COG

The Modification COG provides a complete picture of multi-discipline activities. Visual representation of tags, status and operations are based on entries from ERP systems. Filter the information based on discipline, category, area, scope or schedule. Reference information, such as animated procedures or instructions are available by clicking an object or the associated activity.  Keep track of ad hoc solutions or changes by entering notes and markers directly in the model for later implementation into the design.