VCOG support daily operations and asset communities with Fit-For-Purpose visuals so people are not working blindfolded and can communicate better and work smarter.


VCOG by VISCO, is the first lifecycle visualization solution to deeply integrate interactive 3D with the entire eco system in the asset operational domain. 



VCOG takes design models beyond engineering by transforming them into user-friendly interactive 3D environments that anybody can relate to. 

Together with field experts we have designed Fit-For-Purpose visuals that bring intuitive meaning to critical data.

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for the entire asset community

VCOG is a Lifecycle Visualization Solution for the entire asset Community, not only CAD experts. 

lifecycle visualization characteristics

Direct import of CAD and PDMS

Represent entire oil fields in an All-In-One environment

Able to Connect to any data source

Easy to use

Available on any device

Integrated in daily operations

Support daily operations with Fit-for-purpose visuals

designed for a mobile workforce

Accessible on any device, any time, any where.

simplify Complex operations

COGs for VCOG are solving industry challenges by taking a user-centric approach to design and functionality, transforming even the most complex workflows into intuitive visuals.

Unlocks the human potential

The eye is the highway to the brain, and VCOG visualise operations in a way everybody can relate to.

extracting full value of ENGINEERING MODELS

Every year the industry spend billions in 3D engineering models. VCOG take these 3D models beyond engineering by transforming them into user-friendly interactive 3D environments that anybody can relate to.   



Increase efficiency without jeapordizing safety